Data Choices

Your Data and the NHS

Your health and care information plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of care you receive, accelerating diagnoses, planning local healthcare services, and pioneering new treatments. The NHS is dedicated to safeguarding your patient information and being transparent about its usage.

How We Use Your Data

Each time you access health and care services, information about your treatments and diagnoses is collected. This data is invaluable not only for your personal care but also for broader purposes such as:

  • Conducting research to develop new treatments.
  • Deciding the locations of new GP clinics.
  • Planning staff levels, including doctors and nurses, at local hospitals.

We ensure that this information is used in a lawful manner to enhance healthcare services for you and future generations. Whenever feasible, we utilise anonymised data. However, there are instances where using your confidential patient information is necessary.

Your Choices

If you are comfortable with how your information is currently used, no action is required on your part. Should you prefer that your confidential patient information is not used for research and planning, you have the option to opt out online or via a telephone service. You can revise your decision at any time.

Impact of Opting Out

Opting out will not influence the way your information is used to support your personal care and treatment. You will continue to receive invitations for important services, such as cancer screenings.

What Actions You Need to Take

If you consent to the use of your confidential patient information for research and planning, you do not need to take any further steps.

For more details on the advantages of data sharing, data protection measures, or to manage your opt-out preferences, please visit