Confidentiality Policy


Brixton Hill Group Practice is committed to protecting your personal and medical information. We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and the Access to Medical Records Act 1990 to ensure your data is handled with care and confidentiality.

How We Use Your Information

Identifiable information about you will be shared with others in the following circumstances:

  • Medical Treatment: To provide further medical treatment, such as referrals to district nurses or hospital services.
  • Support Services: To help you access other services, such as social work, with your consent.
  • Legal Obligations: When we have a duty to others, for example, in child protection cases.

Use of Anonymised Data

Anonymised patient information is used at local and national levels to help the Health Board and Government plan services, such as diabetic care. If you do not wish for your anonymised information to be used in this way, please let us know.

Your Rights and Choices

  • Access to Records: You have the right to see the information we hold about you.
  • Correction Requests: If you believe any information is incorrect, you can ask us to update it.
  • Data Usage Concerns: Inform us if you do not want your anonymised data to be used for planning services.

Security and Confidentiality

Our reception and administration staff require access to your medical records to perform their duties. These staff members are bound by the same confidentiality rules as medical staff.

We ensure that:

  • Private Conversations: Discussions about your care are kept confidential.
  • Secure Communication: We use secure methods to transfer information, such as encrypted emails.

Confidentiality Do’s and Don’ts for Patients


  • Trust that your personal information is protected.
  • Ask questions about how your information is used.
  • Report any concerns about your data privacy to us.


  • Worry about unauthorised access; we have strict controls in place.
  • Hesitate to request access to your own health records.

Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. We are committed to protecting your personal information and ensuring that it is handled responsibly and securely.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about how your information is handled, please contact our operations manager. We aim to address all concerns promptly and efficiently.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy on the website or request a copy of our full Confidentiality Policy from the practice.