Mission Statement and Values

At Brixton Hill Group Practice, our mission is to provide exceptional NHS healthcare services founded on a set of core values and principles that guide our commitment to patient centred, high-quality care, offered in an ethical, innovative, and collaborative manner. We place your well-being at the forefront of our practice, and our vision is realised in its pursuit of excellence.
Our Guiding Values and Principles:

Patient Centred Care: Your individual needs and experiences are our paramount concern and the driving force behind everything we do. We strive to deliver high quality care that is tailored to you.

High Quality and Inclusion: We are unwavering in our dedication to delivering the highest standards of care and treatment to all patients; tackling inequalities and ensuring diversity, equity, and equal access to our services.

Safe Environments and confidentiality: Our commitment to providing clean, modern, and safe healthcare environments ensures your comfort and safety during your visits.  We are committed to you feeling ‘in a safe place’ whilst receiving care at our practice.
Our culture of adhering to ethical frameworks, characterised by transparency and openness in all our actions and interactions, complements our strict commitment to provide you with confidential, respectful and dignified engagements at all times.

Innovation for Well-Being: We continuously seek innovative solutions to bring about positive change for the well-being of our patients within complex and rapidly changing primary care environments, utilising resources as efficiently as possible.

Collaborative Teamwork: We nurture a culture of collaboration and mutual support, working seamlessly together for the ultimate benefit of our patients.

Empowering Our Staff: We invest in our staff’s professional development to cultivate a highly skilled workforce. Our staff are expected to embody compassion, courtesy, professionalism, and integrity in all their dealings with patients, their families, and with each other.
We commit to:
Interact with respect and courtesy at all times.
Deliver advice and treatment in a prompt and considerate manner.
Empower you to make informed decisions about your health by treating you as a unique individual.
Discuss available treatments and facilitate referrals to specialists when necessary.
Act as your advocate and guide when you require health and social services.
Uphold strict confidentiality in our discussions and record-keeping.
Stay at the forefront of healthcare developments through continuous learning.
We request from you:
Show respect to our dedicated staff, who always strive to provide their best for you.
Attend your appointments or promptly inform us of any changes in your availability.
Utilise additional signposted services offered by our staff and use out-of-hours services for urgent conditions that cannot wait.
Share your suggestions or concerns with us promptly, enabling us to continually enhance our services.
Celebrate our successes and notify us when we exceed your expectations.

Together, we are resolute in our commitment to your well-being and to delivering NHS healthcare services that are uniquely dedicated to your health and happiness.